NaNoWrimo: Day Ten

(or is it day nine?)

I said I’d re-start on Sunday. I didn’t exactly. I looked over what I’ve written so far and looked at the notes I’ve made about my characters and where they fit into the plot. I’m failing on the characters, they exist but they don’t exist and right now I still don’t have any reasons for my bad guys to be bad guys other than the typical stereotypes. I know that they say you should just write but I think it’s important to have a reason, not just writing and then spending ages reading back & editing.

Then I randomly re-read two of the ghost stories I wrote for my creative writing module. I think they’re in a better state than my first chapter, there’s stuff there that could just be expanded or elaborated on. I could add more scares to both of them…obviously not 50,000 words of scares but enough to flesh them out.

Add to that the idea I had for a horror story/film.

I’m not abandoning my steampunk story, I’m just pausing it for a time.

I’m going to spend tomorrow doing a bit of plotting. I wonder if it’s against the rules to write a series of short stories which together make up 50,000? Are there rules for NaNoWrimo? Next year I need to go in prepared should I ever attempt this again…!


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