NaNoWrimo: Day Ten

(or is it day nine?)

I said I’d re-start on Sunday. I didn’t exactly. I looked over what I’ve written so far and looked at the notes I’ve made about my characters and where they fit into the plot. I’m failing on the characters, they exist but they don’t exist and right now I still don’t have any reasons for my bad guys to be bad guys other than the typical stereotypes. I know that they say you should just write but I think it’s important to have a reason, not just writing and then spending ages reading back & editing.

Then I randomly re-read two of the ghost stories I wrote for my creative writing module. I think they’re in a better state than my first chapter, there’s stuff there that could just be expanded or elaborated on. I could add more scares to both of them…obviously not 50,000 words of scares but enough to flesh them out.

Add to that the idea I had for a horror story/film.

I’m not abandoning my steampunk story, I’m just pausing it for a time.

I’m going to spend tomorrow doing a bit of plotting. I wonder if it’s against the rules to write a series of short stories which together make up 50,000? Are there rules for NaNoWrimo? Next year I need to go in prepared should I ever attempt this again…!


Perhaps a change?


Today I went to the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of London with a friend. The exhibition is highly recommended and beautifully organised. Strangely this got me thinking about my NaNoWrimo attempt, or lack of attempt.

The story I’m writing involves a fair amount of world creation. The world exists quite clearly in my head but I don’t think I’ve established it very well on paper. I think I need establishing shots, something which tells you more background to the world. Not a prologue as such but setting the scene.

I have a bit of another plot hedgehog*, something much darker and unrelated to the sci-fi steampunk world I’ve started to put together. I might see if I can put the scene I have in mind down on paper, or maybe start putting together a storyboard for a short film. I wonder if there’s a NaNoWrimo equivalent for scripts/plays?

*I say plot hedgehog rather bunny as I tend to discover my plots when I sit down and something sharp sticks into me. Also they usually come out at night.

NaNoWrimo: Day Five


I started to collect Pop! Vinyl figures at the start of this year. I say collect, I bought a Hannibal Lecter one and whenever I have some spare income (which is rare) I pick one up. There’s no theme, they’re from shows I enjoy watching. I pre-ordered three of the Hannibal ones I actually have seven of them now.

I failed in my between shows plans. I ended up talking to the ushers then having a bit of  a nap. I didn’t enjoy work today.

But I did think about my characters hobbies. It has nothing to do with the story and has no relevance but thinking about my characters out-of-novel lives at least makes me feel I’m still at least attempting NaNoWrimo.

Basically I’m not ready to admit defeat.

In the screenshot I showed you of my Scrivener plan there were two scenes I’d stamped ‘to do’ – they’re scenes I want to insert into chapter two and the beauty of Scrivener means I can do that with ease. My plan for the rest of the week (well, Thursday& Sunday  as I have a 10am start on Friday then a matinee…)  is to get one of them completed. Promise.

NaNoWrimo: Day Four

Words written: Zero (269 on essay)

This isn’t going especially well. How do people find the time to do this?! I mean, today I was in early for a dress rehearsal with the understudies. Then I had a show covering a spot I learnt yesterday. Now I’ve been home for about half an hour and it’s just gone midnight. I’m tired and I have to be up early for a matinee tomorrow.

I finished my essay though, so I guess that’s one thing off the To-Do list.

Blogging about it does seem to help with the motivation though – today I picked up my leisure centre membership card. My swimming costume & FitBit will have arrived by Wednesday matinee next week, I don’t have maintenance next week (am going to see ‘Urinetown’ though on Thurs) and my cold is almost gone. That means I literally have no excuses not to make Wednesday next week my first swim day.

Now that my essay is written, I don’t have that excuse hanging over me for the novel writing thing so…

Between shows tomorrow I will sit down and write the bio for my bad guy and firmly set down what exactly is his motivation. 


NaNoWrimo: Day Three

Words written…er, none. Not even on my essay (oops).


I did spend some time sorting out my plot. You might be thinking “WTF didn’t you do that earlier??!” and you’d be right, but doing NaNoWrimo was a very spur of the moment and I hadn’t really thought beyond chapter one originally. I do have an outline and I know what’s happening next but the more I think about what is happening next I realise there are things that need to happen first.

I have a good idea of my main character and one of the secondary characters but I have nothing sorted for the bad guy. At the moment he’s just a name and a vague description, he needs to be more. I think I’m going to spend the next couple of days sorting out my bad guys. I have a feeling NaNoWrimo is going to turn more into “Steph actually starts planning her novel”, but if I get it all planned and plotted out during this month that means I have a good basis to work properly on it. I don’t need to wait until it’s NaNoWrimo again.

Have a screenshot (btw, I bought Scrivener two years ago for my creative writing module – bloody brilliant programme! I used it to write my final essays on my children’s lit & history modules)

storyOh, BTW – won my FitBit. In six months time I hope to be lighter and have half a novel. Perfectly achievable goals!

No More Excuses

I work opposite a leisure centre.

I have a reasonably long dinner break.

I have bought a swimming costume and paid the annual membership fee to the leisure centre (it’s £5 a swim for non-members, £2.10 for members and the membership fee is only £34 for the year). My goggles have been located. I’m even bidding on a FitBit on ebay so I can track my swim.

I will go for a half hour swim during my mid-week dinner break.

It was going to be my New Year’s Resolution but it’d be nice to start the New Year with a routine already established.