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NaNoWrimo: Day Seventeen (and final)

This is my final NaNoWrimo post.

I’m reasonably happy with what little I’ve achieved, I now have the bare bones of two novels and a lot of the preliminary work done so in essence both are good to go.

The reason I’m calling time is that I don’t have the time to do NaNoWrimo this year. I’ve got a 1500 word essay on Jane Eyre due on the 11th December and shit-ton of reading to do. Seriously, the next essay is on Dombey & Sons and I’m very stuck at 200 pages in…the alternative book is Middlemarch. Yeah, not exactly quick reads.

I probably won’t attempt NaNoWrimo again. I will however work on both novels sporadically. You never know, once I’m done with my studies I might have a sudden inspiration and get them done!

Bet you can’t guess which pile is the the ‘read’ one…