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Review: ‘Young Sherlock Holmes: Red Leech’ by Andrew Lane

Red Leech, Andrew Lane’s follow up to his first Young Sherlock Holmes novel pits Sherlock, Virginia and Matty once again against a man with an insane plan and a bizarre medical problem. This time the action takes place across the pond and we have no end to action scenes from young Sherlock battling away hand to hand in the engine room of a stream ship to escaping from a tank of monitor lizards. It’s all very preposterous and not quite as entertaining as the first. There’s some lovely little moments between Mycroft & Sherlock, and I do like young Matty but Virginia feels very redundant tagging along for no discernible reason.

Review: ‘Young Sherlock Holmes #1 Death Cloud’ by Andrew Lane

‘Young Sherlock Holmes #1 Death Cloud’ by Andrew Lane (3/5)

In ‘Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud’, Andrew Lane introduces us to 14yr old Sherlock Holmes, waiting for his father to collect him from school for the summer. Instead, it’s older brother Mycroft who turns up with some bad news for the young Sherlock, instead of going home he’s being sent to Holmes Manor, home of Sherringford Holmes as father (a soldier) is being sent to India. Not to worry though, it soon becomes clear that there is something very strange going on in Farnham.

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