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NaNoWrimo: Day Eleven

After yesterdays pondering about whether I should start again, I decided to give my steampunk story another shot. After five minutes I had character sheets done for my main lot and a better idea of what one of my bad guys looks like. I’m still very stumped as to why my bad guys are doing what they’re doing.

Then I had a cup of tea and while waiting for the kettle to boil I realised that I’m just not ready to write a novel and that I should expand one of my spooky stories. Then I had a further revelation…one of my spooky stories takes place in an abandoned hotel, the other takes place in a flat – why can’t this be the same building? Old buildings are divided up into flats all the time and hotels haven’t always been hotels, particularly the kind of hotel I pictured in my first story. I know it’s probably against the rules of NaNoWrimo, but I’ve decided I’m going to put together an anthology of sorts. Each of the stories takes place in the same building but at a different time frame.

At the moment I have two stories – one in abandoned hotel, one in a flat. That’s two stages of the buildings life time so what I need now is a story set while it’s still a hotel, one while it’s a manor house and either one set during the conversion from manor house to hotel or hotel to flats. I also need some sort of bookend.

I’m more excited about these stories than my novel and my strengths lie more in short story writing.

My word count currently stands at 4150. On Friday I’m going to start expanding the first story, by Sunday I hope to have that one completed. Sunday I’m going to work on my bookends and do a bit of plotting for a story set in the manor before it’s a hotel.