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NaNoWrimo: Day Twelve

Today I went swimming for half an hour in the outdoor pool at the Oasis Leisure Centre opposite where I work. You might be thinking why in hell am I swimming outdoors in this weather…well, don’t worry – the pool is heated and actually it’s quite nice after a swim to be in the brisk air.

The pool is 27.5m long. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I swam up and down that for 30mins, doing breaststroke. I wanted to do a bit of backstroke and refresh my front crawl but the medium lane was full and I didn’t think my fellow slow lane users would have been too happy. Plus it’s been so long since I swam properly I was having difficulty getting back into the proper breathing rhythm for breaststroke, let alone attempting front crawl!

My plan is keep to 30mins for now and as I get better, extend it to an hour.

This has nothing to do with my NaNoWrimo attempt obviously. I’m going to see ‘Urinetown’ tomorrow so I’ve designated Friday my ‘sit down and do some work day’. I think I have an opening – it’s in my head, I just need to write it down.


No More Excuses

I work opposite a leisure centre.

I have a reasonably long dinner break.

I have bought a swimming costume and paid the annual membership fee to the leisure centre (it’s £5 a swim for non-members, £2.10 for members and the membership fee is only £34 for the year). My goggles have been located. I’m even bidding on a FitBit on ebay so I can track my swim.

I will go for a half hour swim during my mid-week dinner break.

It was going to be my New Year’s Resolution but it’d be nice to start the New Year with a routine already established.