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London Film Festival

It’s London Film Festival time! This year I have the money to attend, but not quite with as many films as I usually try to get in. As always, I went for the postal option as past experience as shown me that the BFI website crashes almost instantly the day priority booking opens and people get quite irate if they can’t get their film picks – as with every postal booking I don’t actually know if I’ve been successful with any of my bookings. Fingers crossed.

I went for:

Mystery Road
Gravity (out on the 9th November so not long to wait if I don’t get it)
The Armstrong Lie (quite keen to see this documentary)
Saving Mr Banks (closing night gala, not holding my breath but you never know!)
Kill Your Darlings (I do know I’ve got this one as I booked it online about an hour ago).

Will report back.


LFF 2011 Festival Round Up

Despite many plans and tickets, this years festival was a bit of a blow out for me. I think I was too tired mentally to deal with several films a day, I haven’t had any proper time off since around May when I ended up really ill with a stomach virus (thank you co-workers!). As a result, I think I’ve just been tired and really needing a rest so not a successful film festival for me. Will catch the stuff I decided to pass up later when they’re out at my local and on DVD.

360 – 3.5/5
I liked that it was about interconnectivity but not in the typical straightforward person A meets person B meets person C way. Some of the stories were more interesting than others, I would have liked to have spent more time with Anthony Hopkins’s character – he seemed like someone with the most interesting story to tell. Oh and I think the moment with the sex offender in the airport has to be the creepiest film moment of the festival for me (the foot touch).

Restless – 2.5/5
I didn’t hate this as much as many people did, I thought it was quite sweet in a way. It had a weird charm to it. Enoch’s relationship with Annie allowed to him forgive and find a sort of peace, I felt. It was a bit too saccharin and sticky in places but not terrible.

Snowtown – 4/5
Utterly disturbing and brilliant. This is a film that does not let you take a breather! The tension is unrelenting and the soundtrack is outstanding. There was a lady next to me who was in floods of tears during the film and there were quite a few walkouts, but wow, the tension.

We Need to Talk about Kevin – 5/5
Everyone and his dog is talking about this film and deservedly so.  Like ‘Snowtown’ the tension is unrelenting, the colour scheme magnificent and probably one of the best films I have seen in a long time. Lynne Ramsay is a genius and I would love her to take home the best director Oscar (and BAFTA) for what is my bet for the best picture win.

Festival Time!

The London Film Festival is just around the corner and this will be my third year. I’m quite excited. Previous years I’ve haunted the Vue West End on Sunday’s and seen a lot of random small films (as well as some big releases), this year my schedule is Monday’s so I’m able to go to a few of the bigger screenings. I’ve also learned my lesson about the Surprise Film, I’m not paying money to see it and have instead entered the ballot – not to fussed either way.

My picks this year (and hopefully I’ll get all my choices)

We Need to Talk about Kevin (really want to see this)
Snowtown (when Wolf Creek was released I looked up the story it was supposidly based on and thought it was much more interesting, I’m interested to see what they make of it.)
Into the Abyss (Werner Hertzog’s death row documentary)
Martha Marcy Marlene May 
A Dangerous Method (David Cronenberg’s new film)
We Have a Pope

I had a much longer list but a lot of the films were on in the evenings, or at times that I could go to.