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What’s in a name?

You may have noticed that my username is ‘celestialteapot’ for both Twitter & my WordPress admin. Well…

When I first joined WordPress I signed up with ‘celestialteapot’ as my username. My original intention had been to blog about the science fiction books & films I read/watched, so I made my blog URL ‘starshipteapot’. After a short time I realised that I didn’t just want to write about sci-fi as I don’t really watch or read that much of these days so this became my general usage blog.

There was a brief time when I hosted the blog myself but it became an unjustifiable expense so it went back to being hosted by WordPress.

While all this was going on I’d completely forgotten I actually created the URL http://celestialteapot.wordpress.com

The last update on that URL was 2009.

I like to keep things together, all in one place and it makes little sense to be sitting on such a great URL.

So…this is my last post here on starshipteapot.wordpress.com – I’ve migrated the content over to celestialteapot.wordpress.com. If you happen to be a subscriber or have this bookmarked, might want to update that πŸ˜‰