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NaNoWrimo: Day One

Words written… zero

Saturday is not a good day to start as I have two shows today. It’s tiring and as I share a room with the front of house staff it’s not easy to grab a between shows nap. I also have a really bad cold.

Basically I have good reasons.

Tomorrow I need to start my 1000 word essay on ‘Northanger Abbey’. You might be thinking “pffft, that’s nothing!” but you’ve clearly never read ‘Northanger Abbey’ – it’s the literary equivalent of watching paint dry. It’s due on Thursday so I intended to get 500 words by 6pm tomorrow with the aim of making it to the minimum count by Tuesday. I have a rehearsal Tuesday and I’m learning a new spot.

Really this isn’t the best week to start writing a novel, even if I already have the first chapter done.

I did however play a bit of a mean trick on the ushers. On Friday (Halloween), I was in work for maintenance – at one point in the day there was just me and one other person on stage. I randomly took a photograph of the auditorium. As I took the photo, the maintenance guy moved making it appear that there’s a ghostly shadow in the photo. I haven’t told the ushers there really was a person in the photo yet…