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Royal Mail – An Update

At about 1710, I checked my letterbox a final time before heading off to work. There I found the elusive red card that was presumably delivered during the two attempts my tracker claims were made to deliver my parcel ( a book measuring 2.3 x 12.7 x 18.4 cm, so not massive).




More issues with Royal Mail

I have an Amazon Prime account and as it’s free on next day delivery, I always go for that. The great thing is I get a named day when they’re (hopefully) going to deliver…or it would be great if Royal Mail weren’t their courier. I ordered the ‘Sherlock Holmes Miscellany‘ by Roger Johnson & Jean Upton as I’d been meaning to get a copy and I got paid recently – it’s not an important delivery but I get free next day delivery. Or I would if Royal Fail did their bit.


Notice how they say delivery was attempted at 0834 and 1017. If this was true and for whatever reason I didn’t hear the doorbell, I don’t even have a “sorry you were out” card. I did let someone into the building at around 0730, but there was no subsequent ring of my doorbell (or even knock, although as I have a re-enforced steel front door knocking is not very useful). So where is my parcel and why are Royal Mail claiming they’ve tried to deliver?

This is not the first time Royal Mail have been unable to do the main part of their job and I’m starting to think it’s because I live in a block of flats. I imagine it’s much easier for them to not attempt delivery in order to finish early and go home or whatever it is that post people do when they finish their delivery rounds.